Tau Chi - 2014 Events

Typically we have two events per month, a Boys-R-Us dinner and the enfemme chapter meeting. Occasionally during the year special events are also scheduled like Elegant Ladies Night Out (an evening on the town where you can dress to the nines) and Guys and Dolls (a birth gender dressed evening at a venue where better attire is expected). Throughout the year have a mixture of events that take place at various business locations in the Houston area. Many of our dressing events are held after normal business hours and not open to the public.

Below is a brief description of our plans for the year. The first item in the list is our Boys-R-Us dinner, the second is our chapter meeting.

Look at what you missed out on last year by not being a member of Tau Chi!

2014 Events
A new year, a new you? If you had made your New Year's Resolution to join us this year you could have joined the ten members that kicked off this year with our first Boys-R-Us at a local Italian Bistro. It's still early, but don't wait too long to join us.
We had twelve members show that we can get down to business while still looking fabulous. We start each year with the Tri-Ess Pledge Ceremony reminding us to provide Serenity, Support and Service to our sisters.

While this month gave us plenty of "chili today and hot tamale" days, we did have twelve members who made up their minds to spice things up by meeting at a Mexican restaurant for this month's Boys-R-Us.
Besides the weather we had other changes this month, but one thing that didn't change was a great turnout of sixteen members for our annual Sweetheart Dinner. Enjoyed by both those with and without sweethearts present because it's the thought that counts.

Mae Cher, Cajun food just may taste better in New Awlins, but thirteen members still gathered to celebrate our Boys-R-Us in Houston this month with some of the best gator and fixin's west of the Louisiana border.
Even though the weather sometimes may not agree this month, spring has sprung. If you weren't one of the fourteen members at this month's meeting on beauty and style hosted by an experienced member of the community, we hope you still managed to find your rainbow.

Fifteen members caught a great time as they traded fish stories of the one that got away this month for Boys-R-Us at one of the area's best seafood establishments.
As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. Eighteen members joined us for the meeting this month as an honorable member of the legal community presented to our group.

For our Boys-R-Us dining this month we had eight members enjoy some Far East in the Gulf Coast for a fusion of some delicious Stir-Fry and great conversation.
It was all fun and games (and no one got hurt) as ten members had a blast because the feature entertainment for the meeting this month was game night.

We had thirteen members say Aloha from the big island of Houston, as we met for Boys-R-Us this month to have our Annual potluck Luau. Even though it was a BRU, grass skirts are permitted.
No matter what your style is, sixteen members met this month for a private shopping evening at a local fashion store. There is nothing like being able to try before you buy and ask your sisters "does this make my butt look big?"

No summertime blues here as nine members gathered to dish up some great conversation for the Boys-R-Us this month at an Asian restaurant. If you had joined us maybe your fortune cookie would have said "Soon you will feel like a new person."
Excuse me ma'am what did you say? We had eleven members that learned techniques on how to have a healthy feminine voice, even the spouses said they benefited from this program given by a local speech therapist.

*** Rave reviews came in from all ten members that attended our Guys and Dolls evening at the theater. Join us and maybe we can have another. ***

Y'all, I can't believe that we had eleven members wait this long before heading out for some of that great Texas bbq that was on the menu for our Boys-R-Us this month. But then again, summer and bbq go together like heels and a pencil skirt.
Always one of the favorite meetings, fourteen members had a great discussion with a local gender therapist on how to handle being 'read' in public. Fear not! It happens to us all.

There were seven members that made it to the Boys-R-Us this month to kick off Oktoberfest... how else, but with some great German food and some great company!
We had a congregation of sixteen members 'flock' to another favorite program where a man of the cloth presented on theology and cross dressing. It was also a great opportunity to wear your 'Sunday' dress.

For Boys-R-Us this month we had eight members order up a "Plato" Greek food and enjoy some quality time with friends.
Quickly becoming an annual tradition, this month we had fourteen members get in character for our "who done it" Mystery Night. The evidence was clear that everyone was guilty of having a great time.

As we roll out the barrels and roll down our sleeves of for the weather, thirteen members came together to have a barrel of fun and celebrate this month's Boys-R-Us Polish style. You can too if you join us.
Always thankful for our sisters everywhere, eighteen members attended our annual Thanksgiving Dinner meeting (or should I say Thanksgiving feast). We're also thankful for our sisters-to-be any time of the year.

What's better than enjoying some English food on a cool December evening? Enjoying some English food on a cool December evening with eleven other members for the last Boys-R-Us of the year.
Silent Night? Not with our largest turnout of the year with twenty-three members that came together to celebrate this Tau-Chi tradition for over 25 years with food, gifts and holiday cheer! Don't let another year of missing this pass you by.