Tau Chi - 2023 Events

Typically we have two events per month, a Boys-R-Us dinner en-homme and our en-femme Chapter Meeting. Occasionally during the year we add special events, especially Elegant Ladies Night Out (an evening on the town where you can dress to the nines) and Guys 'n' Dolls (like Boys-R-Us a birth gender dressed evening, but at a venue where better attire is expected). Throughout the year we have a mixture of events that take place at welcoming member homes, safe public places, and selected business or civic locations in the Houston area. Several of our dressing events are held after normal business hours or in private spaces, and none are open to the public.

If you would like to see what we did in recent years, check out our previous Events Calendar from 2019 through 2022.

Below is a brief description of our plans for the year.
- The first item is our Boys-R-Us dinner.
- The second is our Chapter Meeting.

Look at what you are missing out on by not being a member of Tau Chi!

We hear the world's largest cylindrical aquarium broke open last month, spilling 1500 usually well-contained residents. Sorry to suggest this about anyone's pet fishes, but could the unexpectedly dehydrated be on our next menu? That could be a really unique dinner. But as the sudden release of potential exotic seafood happened in Berlin, we won't choose to go that Far East!

Our annual Pledge Ceremony happens this month, as we honor each other and pledge fidelity to Tau Chi, Tri-Ess, and all our sisters. Our three S's stand for Support, Serenity, and Service -- the core values of Tri-Ess. Throughout the year, each of us may give of herself in any of these areas, or she may at times need what any of our sisters can provide, whether they draw upon their newness or their experience. No matter your presentation, you should feel beautiful when you're together with us this evening.

We celebrate the Sweethearts in our lives this month with a romantic dinner setting, and we rejoice to be able to gather again and celebrate those in our lives we hold most dear, whether here with us or farther away. This is a favorite evening of both wives and husbands, as well as singles, to express and share in so much love.

Practice your evening shipboard attire from casual to formal, as one remote presenter and one presenter in-person relate their experiences with cruising. This should be quite informative, and at times hilarious! Could this meeting inspire us to plan an upcoming Dignity Cruise? Quite possibly. :-)

Future 2023 Events

We have a whole year of planned events, but since we haven't published the rest of the year just yet, please have a look at our previous Calendar of events, from 2019 through 2022. We will likely repeat some of the best of those events again, and you could join us there!