Membership in Tau-Chi and Tri-Ess

For full membership in Tau Chi, a screening is required

We invite anyone who meets the membership requirements of Tri-Ess and Tau Chi to join our growing and exciting organization. Please browse our complete web site and the Tri-Ess web site and make your decision to apply for membership. After you review the Bylaws and Policies, complete the membership application, sign the Tau Chi Pledge, are screened and pay the annual Tri-Ess and Tau Chi membership dues, you will be a full member. Non-voting members, as defined in the Bylaws, may also join. Dues and the meeting fees can be paid by check or cash.

TRI-ESS is the parent organization of Tau Chi and other nationwide chapters. With your Tri-Ess membership, you receive the very excellent quarterly Mirror and an optional listing in the Tri-Ess Directory, If your wife or significant other joins Tri-Ess, she will receive the quarterly Sweetheart Connection for wives and significant others. Annually Tri-Ess holds a national convention, Holiday Enfemme, in a different city each year. SPICE, Spouses and Partners International Conference for Education, sponsors a non-dressing conference for spouses and their partners in a different location each year. Membership in Tri-Ess is mandatory before you can be a member of Tau Chi. You can get a look at the membership application by following the link below.

TAU CHI is the Houston area chapter of Tri-Ess. Meetings are held monthly at different locations in the Houston area with a variety of stimulating and exciting programs and activities. Members may come to the regular meetings enfemme or in enhomme (also referred to as "drab"). Occasionally "Elegant Ladies Night Out" events are scheduled at local theatres, restaurants and other public places. On the night before the regular monthly meeting, Boys-R-Us is held at various locations. Boys-R-Us is a voluntary meeting each month where members meet at restaurants or other activities for the purpose of enriching their masculine lives dressed enhomme.